So your new Zero electric scooter has arrived and you’re excited to finally get out and get riding. While the scooters come pretty much ready to go there is a small amount of assembly required. Join Mike as he unboxes a Zero 9 and shows you how to get it set up and ready to ride.

  • Un-box and un-package

  • Unfold the scooter

  • Unfold the handlebar

  • Set up and tighten the brake lever(s) and display

  • Fully charge the battery

  • Double check the tire air pressure

Points of Caution
  • Be careful when charging your new scooter. Always plug the charger in first. Always be careful to line up the charger and plug the scooter in correctly.

  • When unfolding the scooter always be very careful to make sure the locking pin is fully engaged. Failure to do so can result in serious injury.

We care about you receiving your scooter in perfect condition so before shipping we un-box, go over and test every single scooter. To ensure that we check to make sure the tires are inflated correctly, that the brakes are set up properly, that the scooter takes a charge and that it turns on and will run at top speed.

It is our hope that you love your new Zero Scooter as much as we do, and we always appreciate reviews to pass along your experience with us and the product to new potential buyers.

Check back soon for more videos to come. And…

Ride Electrified!