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Electric Bikes

Making Quality Affordable

Buy an electric bike in Victoria BC, quality that won't break the bank. Electric bikes by Ride the Glide

Electric bikes are an awesome revolution in cycling. But electric bikes in Victoria, BC can be very cost prohibitive, with most bikes starting at $2,500. We strive to make owning an electric bike affordable for everyday people, without sacrificing quality.

Contrary to what you, or people you know, may think they are not cheating! Not by a long shot. Electric bikes aren’t just for the less physically fit. They are great intermediary between driving a car and riding a bike for getting around and commuting to work. You can get as much exercise as you want without needing to get sweaty or exhausted if you don’t want to. And you can always peddle it like a regular bike without any electric assist.

We believe everyone should do all that they can to reduce their carbon footprint. And trading in your car for an electric bike on short trips is a great way to do just that. Not to mention in the long run it will save you tons of money on fuel, maintenance, and parking.

Jump Ahead to the Models

We are a VoltBike affiliate where you can test ride a Volt BikeĀ Urban, Mariner or Yukon before you buy.

Try Before You Buy

We offer comprehensive test rides to every potential buyer. We have all the basics covered, hills, pavement and gravel trails. Ride around as much as you need to get a feel for the bike and try out as many of the models we carry as you like. We may even jump on and take you for a ride. If you really felt like you needed a little more time to try it or you wanted to try it on your regular route you can take advantage of our delivery and pick-up rental service.

We are located in Saanich Victoria and at this time we ask that you please contact us, by phone or email, and set up an appointment. Thank you!

Rent before you buy electric bike Victoria BC, Ride the Glide
Electric bikes Victoria BC Mount Doug Ride the Glide

Bike to Work Promo

Not everyone is a split second decision maker, and that’s ok! We want everyone to be happy with the decision making process, no matter how long that takes. Which is why we’re giving you an exceptional deal so you can make sure our bike is perfect for you, whether you are looking to use the e-bike for your daily commute to work, to replace your car for short trips, or for weekend pleasure. Rent a bike (or two) for a whole week (7 days) and thoroughly test it in your real life scenarios, for half price! Then apply half the rental price to the purchase price of a new bike if you decide to buy. *Valid for up to a month after your rental*


  • 1 year electrical components

  • 1 year parts

  • 3 year against frame defects

  • 1 year FREE tune-ups

Electric bikes Victoria BC Willows Beach, Ride the Glide


Customer service is our #1 priority, and we know that your #1 priority is having a bike that works and runs smoothly. That’s why for the first year you own your bike you can bring it in at any time for a completely free tune up. After your first year keep bringing it back, we are always available to help keep your bike in tip top shape for a price that won’t break the bank.

Get a 5% rebate on all electric mobility devices using promo code: codegreen. Electric bike rebate

Many of you may know that bikes are exempt from the 7% PST, however this does not apply to their electric counterparts. Despite lobbying from special interest groups the government does not seem like it will be looking to include electric bikes any time soon, if ever. However we know just how expensive it is to buy a new electric bike, and for many people who want to go green it is cost prohibitive. And we don’t think it should be.

That’s why we now offer a 5% green rebate on all of our electric transportation devices. That’s equivalent to the GST! The green rebate is instantly applied against the purchase price and you don’t have to wait weeks or even months for a cheque to arrive in the mail. We want to do everything in our power to make sure that you aren’t barred from owning an electric bike because of the price.

Our E-Bikes

Airwheel R5 $999

  • Available in black and white

  • 350 watt rear hub motor

  • 36 volt 8 amp

  • Mechanical disc brakes

  • Pedal assist & twist throttle

  • 16″ Spoke-less rims

  • Integrated front and rear light

  • Built in horn

  • Only 40 lbs

  • Folds down in seconds

  • Connects with the Airwheel App for Apple or Android

RTG 350 CT $1,295

  • Currently available in white

  • Folding

  • 350 watt rear hub Bafang Motor

  • 36 volt 13.2 amp Samsung Battery

  • Tectro mechanical disc brakes

  • 6 speed Shimano rear derailleur

  • 5 levels of pedal assist, or no pedal assist

  • Thumb throttle

  • 20″ tires

  • Wired in front light, and battery operated rear light

  • Adjustable handlebar height

  • Full fenders

  • Rear rack

  • 50 lbs

  • Assembled in Victoria

RTG 500 XT $1,595

  • Currently available in white

  • Folding

  • 500 watt rear hub Bafang Motor

  • 48 volt 13.2 amp Samsung Battery

  • Tectro mechanical disc brakes

  • 6 speed Shimano rear derailleur

  • 5 levels of pedal assist, or no pedal assist

  • Thumb throttle

  • 20″ Kenda tires

  • Wired in front light, and battery operated rear light

  • Adjustable handlebar height

  • Full fenders

  • Rear rack

  • 60 lbs

  • Assembled in Victoria

Big Bear $3,495

  • Black Bear or Spirit Bear

  • Built in Bafang Programmable 100 watt Mid-drive motor

  • 48 volt 12.8 amp LG battery

  • Tektro hydraulic 180mm disc brakes

  • Shimano Acera 8 speed

  • Pedal assist & thumb throttle

  • 26″ Kenda Juggernaut tires

  • Mozo air suspension fork

  • Adjustable front stem

  • Includes fenders, rear rack and front light

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