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Welcome to Ride the Glide!

It is our passion to introduce people to the amazing innovation that is self-balancing technology. Whether that’s taking your family out on a Segway adventure, getting the gang together for a super fun Segway party, sending you out on an exciting e-bike exploration, or telling you all about the awesome transportation products we carry (and probably testing them out!) we looking forward to getting to know you and sharing our passion with you. We know you will love it as much as we do!

As a family operated business, the four of us, Michael, Corinne, Alicia and Rachael work together to bring Ride the Glide to you.

A few years ago, while on vacation, we discovered the Segway PT. We were at Epcot and my husband Michael took one for a spin. Our youngest daughter Rachael was too young to try so we vowed on our next trip we would take a tour so that we could all have a spin. The following year we did just that. What a blast we had. We had so much fun that we blew the budget completely and went for a second tour!

Out of a conversation with our tour guide blossomed the idea to bring Segways home to Victoria. Why not? We have beautiful trails and we are a very tourist oriented city. Soon after we returned home we started organizing ourselves and by May we were Segway Victoria, BC. We offered sales and service of these unique machines. The road to actually securing a tour location however, has proven rather tricky.

In BC the laws are very restrictive. Legally, Segways are only permitted on private property and on trails and in parks and where municipal bylaws permit. The majority of the trails here in Victoria are managed by the CRD; and they have bylaws that exclude the Segway on the trails. Most of the municipalities either have excluding bylaws or have trails that are chopped up by sidewalks and road crossings so it has made finding a great tour location very tricky.

After some conversations with a variety of people we approached Nanaimo about using Bowen Park as a pilot project. Being the very forward thinking city they are they granted us a pilot project! So there you have it – our tours are in Nanaimo’s Bowen Park. We adopted the name Ride the Glide because it seemed so strange that Segway Victoria, BC was in Nanaimo doing tours. Logistically it is tough to have tours when we live in Victoria and Nanaimo is 1 1/2 hrs north of us. That is why you see that we require minimum numbers to host our tours. We hope that you will bear with us and try to book a tour with us.

When we realized that being able to host tours in Victoria was going to be a lengthy process we decided that we had to look outside the box to ensure that we could bring the Segway to the people. We came to realize that offering events was the way to go. What a great way to celebrate any event – have a Segway party! We can offer simple exercises to full on games like polo, soccer and what is sure to be a favorite: Segway Jousting!

Whichever way you want to enjoy a Segway we look forward to fulfilling it. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask. We look forward to seeing you soon!