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Featured Product

Have a super time with a Super Glide!

This month’s featured product is the Super Glide 4.0. The Super Glide is a stand/sit on electric scooter bike. Part e-bike part e-scooter the Super Glide is a head turner where ever it goes! It’s also a lot of fun to ride. It has two 48V 20Ah batteries which means you’ll be running out of trails before you run out of battery power. The Super Glide is the ultimate weekend warrior, if you think you’re working for the weekend now, you really will be with your very own Super Glide!

Electric Scooters

The perfect way for everyone to get around town.

Electric scooters are becoming more and more popular across the globe as a quick and convenient form of transportation. Great for short or long rides and perfect for longer distance commuting when paired with public transit. Jump on board an electric scooter and learn how fun it is to Ride Electrified!

We offer high end e-scooters for a great price and free shipping across Canada.

Electric Unicycles

Find the freedom of one wheel.

Are you looking for the next cool thing? Do you have good balance and enjoy trying something new? An electric unicycle is for you! A great recreational and commuting tool.

We offer high end euc’s for a great price and free shipping across Canada.

Affordable Electric Bikes

Best parts, best price, best service.

We know that electric bikes do not have to cost over $3000 to be high quality, in fact we think that’s highway robbery! We believe that owning an electric bike should be something everyone can achieve without having to remortgage their home, which is why we do our best to bring you high quality e-bikes for an affordable price!

Contact us today and find out just how easy and affordable owning your very own electric bike can be!

  • Quality name brand parts

  • High capacity Lithium-ion batteries

  • Something for everyone

  • An expanding line up of bikes, let us know what you would like to see next!

  • 2 year parts and electrical warranty, plus 3 year frame warranty

  • Free tune-ups for the first year

  • Customer service that can’t be beat!

Affordable electric bikes by Ride the Glide in Victoria BC