Why Buy From Ride the Glide?

It’s a valid question. Why should you buy from us instead of the multitudes of other business out there offering the same or similar products? Maybe you can buy the product for a lower price. Maybe a similar product costs more, and therefore must be a higher quality. Maybe the shipping is cheaper. Maybe they have a better sounding write up or flashier marketing.

There are lots of reasons why you might chose to not buy from us. And that’s okay. Buying decisions are complicated and have a lot of factors to consider. And we completely respect that and encourage customers to shop around.

However there are a lot of excellent reasons to purchase products from us. And we hope to earn your business.

Happy customer travelling with his e-bike
Happy customer with his new e-bike
Happy customer riding in Bryce Canyon National Park
Happy customer with new e-bike

Family Owned & Operated

Who is Ride the Glide? We are a small family business, Mike, Corinne and their daughter Alicia. Mike has been self employed in construction since his early twenties, and Corinne is a registered nurse. Both of whom still work in their full time jobs with Alicia working in the business full time. This is Mike and Corinne’s second business venture together, the first being Victoria’s Toy Haulin’ Adventures, a travel trailer rental company. Which they ran for a number of years before starting Ride the Glide.

Ride the Glide came to be through a desire to have fun and as a way to keep the family working together. The idea first arose on a family vacation to Florida, while on a Segway tour. The business has evolved and grown with us, and us with it, over the years. Much has changed. But lots has also remained firmly the same. Our dedication to family, to providing quality products, to top notch service and customer care. These are the underlying notes in everything we do.

It’s hard to capture the essence of what we’re hoping to get across. Partially because words really can’t describe it and partially because we really aren’t the type of people to toot our own horn. We can only hope you’ll take a chance to get to know us and not be disappointed in what you find: a down to earth family whose chief concerns are the people not the sales.

Ride the Glide family owned and operated

Customers First

You know the old adage “treat others the way you want to be treated”? Well we do. Do you know the feeling of walking onto a car lot, just semi-interested, and knowing you’re going to be pounced on like a juicy piece of meat? The feeling of being pressured into making a decision that you weren’t ready to commit to? Or trying to fend off a hungry sales person who only sees you as dollar signs? Yep, we know that feeling to (we have an unfortunate habit of being drawn to shiny things). And just like you we hate that! Which is why we are completely pressure free. Zero commitment. You’re safe to wander around our store, ask questions, or not, try product, or not, without being pressured into a purchase, or feeling like you need to fake a family emergency to get out. So please come by, say hi, introduce yourself and ask us all of the questions you have.

We do our very best to provide truthful and unbiased information about the products we offer, if it’s an opinion based on our experience we’ll let you know! While we do like sweets you don’t have to worry about us sugar coating the facts to make them more palatable or turn them into what we think you want to hear. And we will happily tell you if you would be better suited to a different product, even if we don’t sell it. Because like we already said, you aren’t dollar signs to us. And we want you to be 100% happy with your purchase, no matter what.

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Happy new owner of a Ride the Glide electric bike
Happy customer
Happy customer at Ride the Glide
A customers first approach
Happy customers are our first priority
Happy customers
Happy customer in front of Ride the Glide


On top of doing our very best to provide a quality product for a great price we have a very strong focus on service. We give all of our customers the level of service we would expect if we were on the receiving end, and when reading testimonials you’ll find this is where we shine the brightest. Phone calls are always answered, or returned, often even after hours, and emails are always replied to promptly. The case can too often be that once you’ve purchased something and they have your money that it’s impossible to get back in touch them. Not so with us! We endeavor to always make ourselves available to our customers. And we never have and never will change our phone numbers. Mike has had the same number for over 30 years!

But what good is it being able to get a hold of someone without them doing something to help you? In all of Mike’s years in construction have taught him one thing it would be how important it is to quickly provide service. Which is why he’s done work for the same core clients for decades, because if anything ever goes wrong it’s fixed so fast as to never become a problem. And he brings that same mentality into Ride the Glide. Issues don’t arise often but when they do they are always dealt with swiftly.

We also offer on site service for an extra fee (unfortunately gas isn’t free!) for customers stranded by flat tires or other breakdowns, and for those customers who rely on their electric bike as their sole means of transportation.

To back up that level of service we stock all essential parts for our electric bikes and have a well stocked shop to keep you riding. Whether it be for something under warranty or not. Even if it was an obscure part that we didn’t have in stock we would find a way to get your bike working without having to wait for replacement parts to arrive.

Happy customer out on the trails
Happy e-bike customer
Happy customers ride e-bikes to Salt Spring Island
Happy customer riding in Craters of the Moon


One of the most important things for us is offering an affordable product. There are already tons of choices for people with lots of expendable income but very few good ones for people on a budget. We strongly believe that e-bike ownership should be well within reach for ordinary, everyday people, not just the well off. Which is why instead of inflating our mark-up, we keep it as low as possible with help from our manufacturer direct business model. Yes, our prices are a lot lower then any other company selling from a storefront and very comparable to many online businesses, no, that doesn’t mean our e-bikes are inferior! We take a lot of time in building our e-bikes to make sure that the components on our bikes from batteries, to motors, to brakes and so on are very comparable or better then bikes with double the price tag.

We also do our best to innovate ways to save our customers money. Take our Green Rebate for example. Other than the BC Scrap It Program there are absolutely zero incentives for buying an electric bike. You even pay that much more then buying a regular bike because you also pay PST. Which is why we started our own initiative to give back to, and incentivize our customers when the government will not. Plus we are now also an authorized dealer under the BC Scrap It  Program, we offer lots of ways to save money AND get an awesome e-bike!


Occasionally we have potential customers who are a little concerned about why our bikes are priced so “cheap”. Consumers have come to associate that the cost of goods is always equal to it’s value, if something has a higher price tag it must be better. Better for you, longer lasting, more reliable, the list goes on. But what speaks more to the reliability of a product then the warranty that is offered on it? Nothing we can think of!

The standard warranty for smaller e-bike manufacturers like VoltBike, Rad Bikes, Surface 604, Boost E-Bikes, Benno, Electron Wheel, Urban Ryder and others is only one (1) year. While major e-bike manufacturers such as Bosch Drive Systems (which includes companies who use their systems such as Giant, Yuba, Tern, and Trek), Pedego, and Stromer offer two (2) year warranties that cover their electric components.

And you can add one more to that last list, that’s right! We also offer a two year warranty covering electric components. It’s hard to believe but you read correct, our small, single location, family business offers a two year warranty on our e-bikes! If that doesn’t inform you of how confident we are in the e-bikes we sell we honestly don’t know what will.

Customer Testimonials

Never mind taking our word for it! Hear it straight from the customers’ mouth.

Keith GDecember, 2018
I bought an RTG 500 XXT in the summer, was the best money I have ever spent.
I daily commute 20 km from home to work, thereby saving on fuel and several hours a day, being trapped in traffic. The bike will pay for itself within 5 months on fuel savings alone.
I have had no problems with the bike and really enjoy the ride. Now that winter has come with the rains I have made adjustments with proper gear and don’t notice the weather. However now that the roads are icing up I have had to purchase screw on studs from Mec. You tube has a great video for the instal and demo. I will have no problems with ice once I instal the studs.
A few days ago I was riding to work and the rain fall was heavy. My bike just died and displayed an error code 1. I tried several times to get it going to no avail. I ended up pushing it home (to heavy to pedal 5km uphill). I called RTG and they made an arrangement to fix the bike at no charge. RTG also provided me with a loaner bike until mine is fixed.
RTG is a company you can put your faith in. Top service, honest and hard working. RTG is absolutely the best business I have come across in a long time.

Thanks Alicia, your the best!

Sam BiletnikoffDecember, 2017
When I was exploring for an e-bike my trail LOL lead me to ride the Glide. It has since left me in a different direction. If I had the money, it would be the absolute first place I would go. I wish them all the best and thank you for arranging a trial ride for me on a moment’s notice.
Lynn LaughrenJanuary, 2018
Both my husband and I bought a bike from Ride the Glide and couldn’t be happier with both the bikes and the company – we have recommended them to everyone who asks us about the bikes!!
Richard GordonJuly, 2017
I purchased the RTG E-Bike 500XT for under $2000. Most of the sweet-looking E-Bikes available here in southern Vancouver Island are listed at 3 to $4000. Mike, Corinne & Alicia went out of their way to ensure customer satisfaction (the way good customer service used to be in Canada). The 500 XT is a workhorse to be sure! (That’s the reason I purchased it). In my first week I travelled from Hillside to Island View Beach and back home (about 40 km) and also towed a trailer with several hundred pounds of tools to my worksite about 10 km away. Ride the Glide and this E-Bike are game-changers for me!
Betska K-Burr September, 2017
I love my RTG 350 Folding E-Bike! It has tremendous power. I am amazed at how long the battery lasts before having to charge it.
This e-bike is fabulous for areas where the hills might be a bit too much for you and where you need an extra boost.
In addition, the service has been great. Highly recommend it.
– Website
Paul & MilaJuly, 2018
We finally made it to Salt Spring – Ganges Saturday Farmer’s market.
Took our bikes (in a van) to the long term parking lot at the ferry terminal and boarded ferry as foot passengers with bikes. Weather was perfect – sunny , but not super hot. Rode our bikes from there…about 14 km each way and quite a few steep long hills.
Made it on a full battery. Overall just perfect day and perfect trip.
– Email
Monique FinkJuly, 2018
Was looking for a lower priced ebike as I didn’t have $4 grand to drop for a super ebike.

Shop isn’t huge but they had a few bikes to try out. Fell in love with the RTG CT350 as it folds as well as it had simple and intuitive controls (some ebikes are all strange with controls all “backwards”).

Staff was very helpful and let me test ride a couple of bikes.

There was one 350 left and I went for coffee to think about it, came back, walked in, and got the bike! Another person was going to grab it so I’m glad I came when I did.

It’s an amazing bike! Done a few upgrades to it and it’s even more awesome!

Had a brake problem, brought the bike in and they fixed me up right then and there no questions asked!

It’s been 3 weeks on the bike and I have almost 250km on it!

Who needs a car? Not me! LOVE my ebike and I’m recommending them to everyone looking for one!


A happy glider! See you gliding around Victoria!

– Facebook

Anna Trukhina May, 2016
I’ve dealt with this store/repairs remotely and from a different timezone, and they could not have been serving me better! My bot is all fixed up and i can have fun again. Once i destroy my first ninebot completely, i’ll buy new one here! Incredible, thorough and friendly service.
– Facebook
Marguerite WeaverApril, 2018
Great customer service! We live in Alberta and have asked questions, they are always quick to help and ship out the stuff we need usually the same day. Plan on stopping in for a visit!
– Facebook
Stephanie BlumensaatApril, 2017
I recently bought a Ninebot MiniPro from Ride the Glide and I can’t say enough good things about this company, in particular, Mike and Alicia. They went out of their way to help me and provided me with top-notch customer service. They truly went above and beyond. I appreciate the time they took to ensure I was confident with my decision to purchase. They focused on my safety and ensuring my needs were completely met. I can’t thank them enough. I HIGHLY recommend this wonderful company!

Furthermore the MiniPro itself is fantastic and very good quality. Due to a disability I have been unable to walk for the last couple of years but now with the Mini Pro I can get out and about everywhere! I truly have a new lease on life!
– Facebook

Matthew KennedyJune, 2017
I LOVE my Gotway Msuper from Ride the Glide. The staff was helpful when choosing the right model for me. They were able to safely ship my machine from Vancouver to London [Ontario]. After I received my purchase in the mail they continued to be helpful answering any questions or concerns I had. The Gotway Msuper itself is an amazing machine and is more then I ever hoped for in a balanced wheel. It’s fast, maneuverable, fun. The large wheel and higher clearance means I am able to go more places. Thank you Ride the Glide!
– Facebook
Steve WoodsJuly, 2018
Who knew that after 50 years I would get back on a bike?

This has been a great experience for me. I am now riding the bike every day to and from work (15km round trip) and it is a very quick commute and costs me nothing (other than the purchase price).

I love it.
– Facebook