Cargoroo Cargo E-Bike


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The Cargoroo is the first e-cargo bike ever available to come fully loaded with all the accessories you need. So the price you see is actually the price you pay, unlike with the competition where you can expect to pay hundreds of dollars over the ticketed price. It’s also got amazing specs, a powerful 500W Bafang rear motor, dual 48V 14.5Ah Samsung batteries, Tektro hydraulic brakes, Shimano gearing, Suntour suspension fork and more! Perfectly set up for your family hauling needs.

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Available on backorder


Cargoroo Electric Longtail Cargo Bike

Victoria is an increasingly bike friendly city and more people, just like you, are looking for options to get their family out of the car and out into nature. Our Cargoroo electric cargo bike is the perfect family e-cargo bike. After testing the market, lots of research and hands on experience we designed the Cargoroo as the ultimate cargo bike. Combining the best elements from some other e-cargo bikes and adding our own. One of the key and defining features of the Cargoroo is that it comes fully loaded with all the accessories you need to go biking with your kids. The price you see is actually the price you pay.

The Making of the Cargoroo

When we developed the Cargoroo we looked at what was available on the market, and what the best features for families were and combined them into the ultimate electric cargo bike. A big factor was price, it had to not only be great value, but also affordable. Because we found there were very few good options that weren’t $6,000 plus dollars and you still needed to buy accessories!

Safety at the Forefront

As we know from caravan ads the most important features are what keep your family safe. The biggest of which is simply the design of the bike and the frame. There are two main features of the overall design and frame that were imperative, the smaller rear wheel for a lower center of gravity and the step through design. It’s just basic physics. Traveling with a load closer to the ground then higher up is more stable, especially when that load is unpredictable children! Additionally it’s common knowledge that most kids don’t like being kicked in the face, and that it’s also more difficult to get on and off a heavily loaded bike, hence the easy, low step through. It’s actually the lowest step through of any longtail e-cargo bike we researched!

Another aspect of good safety, especially when biking with your children is confident braking power. So the obvious answer was a good quality hydraulic brake to offer worry and hassle free stopping power. Additionally, visibility is an important safety consideration, so we equipped the Cargoroo with big, bright integrated lights and a bright blue paint job to help you stand out.

Top Level Performance

Now that we had a solid, safe base for our Cargoroo, it was in need of some electrification. And it wasn’t too difficult to figure out what needed to be done. One feature we knew it would have from the start was dual batteries, and the reason was twofold. Firstly to give users excellent range and secondly so when they really needed to tap into the power and get around on the hills that they wouldn’t run out of power. And of course what’s an e-bike without a motor? It had to be a 500W so it would have the power to drive the bike uphill, even fully loaded, but what type of motor? We went with a rear hub geared drive motor, a hub motor to maintain a lower price point but also because they offer more assistance and allow for a throttle, and a geared drive to keep the weight down and for better torque on hills.

The competition is quick to over estimate the range of their similar style e-bikes. Often estimating 40km to 70km and more for a 14Ah battery! Based on their calculations the possible range of our dual 14.5Ah batteries would be 85km to 150km. But we understand that these fairy tale ideals and real life don’t exactly line up and that the actual range most of our customers get is lower then the fairy tale. Which is why we advertise a real life range of 60km to 100km or more per charge, because we believe in honesty and transparency with our customers.

A Comfortable All Day Ride

The Cargoroo also had to be comfortable enough for long hauls, dropping the kids off at school and then riding to work, grocery runs and after school activities, the list goes on. So we stepped a bit outside the mold of solid front forks and added a Suntour HCT suspension fork, with lockout in case you prefer a harder ride. And nice wide 2.4″ tires front and rear, both for a softer ride and better stability. Finally with a plush, comfortable saddle and an easy upright riding position, you’ll be able to spend longer in the saddle then ever before.

All Accessories Included

  • Footboards $65 – $140 value

  • Top deck board $40 – $70 value

  • Safety rail $250 value

  • Cushions $70 – $120 value

  • Front rack $120 – $250 value

  • Extra battery $700 – $1200 value

Parts & Specifications

  • 500W Bafang geared drive hub motor

  • Dual 48V 14.5Ah Samsung batteries

  • 60km to 100km+ real life range

  • Torque sensor for PAS and thumb throttle

  • Intelligent, colourful display

  • Suntour HCT front suspension fork

  • Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, 203mm front and 180mm rear

  • 7 speed Shimano Acera derailleur

  • 2.4″ wide tires for more stability
  • Low step through frame, easy on and off

  • 20″ rear wheel for lower center of gravity

  • Mounting points for a water bottle holder

  • Heavy duty double sided kickstand

  • Integrated front and rear lights

  • Rear wheel shield

  • Chain cover

  • Full coverage front and rear fenders

  • Royal Sky Blue for better visibility

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Additional information


Info coming soon


2 year limited warranty on all parts


Dual 48V 14.5Ah (1,392Wh total) Samsung batteries


2 chargers, 48V 2A


Bafang 500W Electric Rear Hub Geared Motor


Intelligent colourful, center mounted display. Displays battery level (percentage or voltage), speed, power out, pedal assist level, time, light indicator, trip odometer, odometer, trip time, max speed and average speed

Top Speed

Unlimited with PAS, limited to 32 km/h via throttle

Electric Assist

5 level Pedal assist via torque sensor and thumb throttle


Approx. 30 to 60+ km per battery, 60 to 120+ km total

Shifter Type

Shimano Altus Rapid Fire Shifter 7-Speed

Rear Derailleur

Shimano Tourney 7 speed rear derailleur


Shimano MT-TZ500 7 speed, 14-28T


52 T, with inner and outer guard and chain guard




Alluminum Alloy 6061, rear rack fully integrated


26" front and 20" rear 12G spoked wheels


Kenda 2.4" wide all terrain tires

Front Fork

Suntour HCT suspension with lockout

Brake Calipers

Tektro HD-E351 hydraulic brakes

Brake Rotors

Tektro 203 mm front and 180 mm rear

Brake Levers

Tektro hydraulic levers with safety power cut

Mounting Points

For front rack and water bottle cage


Promax adjustable threadless stem


Comfort saddle

Seat Post Clamp

Quick release


Full coverage plastic front and rear


Integrated front and rear lights


Heavy duty double sided stabilizing kickstand



Carrying Capacity

350 lbs, cargo and rider


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