Ninebot One E+ front view pedals flipped in

Ninebot One

Electric Unicycle

Learn how the Ninebot One can take your life to the next level of fun.

Ninebot One front on pedals flipped out

Ultimate Commuter

The Ninebot One is the coolest way to get around, especially on your daily commute. Enjoy some fresh air as you glide to work, zipping past traffic and not creating any emissions. It’s also perfect for going anywhere else you need to go.Got to pick up a couple groceries? Hop on your electric unicycle! If you have to travel farther then your battery charge will allow, take your Ninebot onto public transit. It’s small and light enough to carry on just like a briefcase.

  • 22 km/h

  • 35 km per charge

  • 4 hours to charge

  • Small and light enough to put in a car or bring on public transport


Not only is the Ninebot One great for getting around a city but it’s also fabulous at taking you off-road. So leave the roads behind and head for the trails on your new One.

Ninedroid App

  • Bluetooth connection

  • Integrated dashboard

  • Customizable rider settings

  • Supports IOS and Android

  • User sign on and riding medals

  • Leaderboard and nearby riders

  • Private messaging

All Lit Up

Light it up with the Ninebot One electric unicycle. The lights show charge level when on. Changing to the chosen light setting when ridden.

  • Charge indicator

  • Program in the Ninedroid App

  • Personalize

  • Lots of options

Ultra Maneuverable

The Ninebot One is highly maneuverable. Allowing you to go through spaces you otherwise might not be able to. The better you get at riding the more maneuverable you will be, the sky is the limit!

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