We started offering Segway tours back in 2011, and have since taken hundreds of people out on the Segways to experience both Victoria and Nanaimo. We were first exposed to electric unicycles back in 2014 with the SBU by Focus Designs. In 2015 we became a Ninebot dealer selling the Ninebot One, then in 2016 we became a Gotway dealer for their quality unicycles. All these years of tours have taken a toll on the Segways and we decided they deserve a break for all their hard work.

“As far as we know no other company has ever tried doing tours on electric unicycles,” said co-owner Michael Besler, “they think that only people with really good balance and core strength can learn to ride. But we’ve developed a new training method to make it easy for any one to ride in a matter of minutes.”

Join us this year on a Gotway electric unicycle, choose from one of the many models we offer, and explore Victoria and Nanaimo like never before!

Easier Than you Think

Concerned that riding a unicycle is too hard? Don’t! We’ve made it┬ásuper easy, almost as easy as riding a Segway and just as intuitive. Make sure you watch our learning to ride an electric unicycle video to see just how easy it is. Many people can be riding independently in under 5 minutes.

tours on electric unicycles in Victoria and Nanaimo

We can’t wait to teach you just how easy one wheel can be. We’ll have a fabulous time gliding around the city on the electric unicycles.

We’d also like to wish you a happy April Fool’s Day, leave us a comment if we had you going for a little while!