Super duper exciting!! After a few months of unexpected delays (not on the manufacturing side) our newest e-bike model is finally here! Please give the Black and Spirit Bears a warm welcome, they’ve traveled a long way.

The container of 30 Black and Spirit Bears landed in Vancouver Sunday, February 4th and has already cleared customs. We will be driving over to Vancouver to bring them home this Friday the 9th. How exciting!

The Big Bears are a new super high performance electric fat bike. Forget everything you know about a high performance electric fat bike because they don’t even compare to the Big Bears! A high torque (80+ nano meters), 1000 watt programmable, integrated Bafang mid drive motor with a 48v 12.8ah LG battery (that’s over 600 watt hours!) is going to give you the power and distance to go places you would regularly never dream of taking an e-bike. You’ll having the confidence to know that no matter what crosses your path you’ll be able to tackle it head on and win with ease.

Not only are you set up with a top of the line motor and battery combination but we’ve got it paired with a host of other high end parts. Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, 180mm front and rear, to give you peace of mind stopping capabilities. Mozo front air suspension, for a light as air feel. Shimano 7 speed gears, with shift sensing technology for a smooth and effortless ride. Plus you get programmable pedal assist along with an on demand throttle, best of both worlds.


The Pick Up

We headed out in our Budget rental truck bright and early to make sure we were on the 9 am ferry over to Delta. It was a lovely morning, as you can see by the picture, cloudy but sometimes that makes for the nicest days, especially when the sun filters through just so. It was a calm ride over on the ferry and it was lightly raining when we drove off in Tsawwassen. It didn’t take very long to find the yard where we were to meet and unload our shipment, then it was just a waiting game while we watched in anticipation for it to arrive.

Waiting for the ferry

Driving around and waiting in the trucking yard was quite the experience. Semi-trailer trucks coming and going with all sizes and colours of shipping containers, carrying who knows what. Even in a fairly large truck it can be pretty intimidating driving around so many of them, especially in such a foreign environment. It was also very cool to see the equipment they use to stack and move the shipping containers. It’s basically a giant specialized fork lift, only it grabs the containers from the top. As you can see in the picture it completely dwarfs the Ford Ranger park beside it, and even the tractor trailers look small.

Finally our shipping container arrived and we could unload. We unloaded the container and loaded the truck in record time, 15 minutes! The truck ended up being exactly the right size for the 30 boxes of Bears.

The Un-Boxing

All loaded up, we headed back to the ferry. We got there in enough time to make the 1 pm boat but it was full, putting us on the 2 pm, and allowing us to put our other plan into action. Now, what would any rational person do when they have an hour long wait for a ferry and a truck full of new electric bikes? Well open one up and test ride it of course!

To say that we are impressed with and completely in love with the Big Bears is an understatement! If there hadn’t been important things that needed to be done we would have spent the whole weekend riding them! As it was we did manage to get out for 2 rides over the weekend, and we can’t wait to do it again!

Stay tuned for more pictures and videos to come over the next few months!