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It’s More Than A Toy, It’s Transportation.

  • Up to 18 km/h
  • 30 km range
  • 12.8 kg
  • Remote control
  • 220 lb weight limit


Segway MiniPRO

We’ve all seen a “hoverboard” they’re all over the news and social media. And either you have one or you know someone who does. They are good for a few hours of fun but don’t stand the test of time. Not to mention that in the wrong hands they be downright dangerous. The Segway MiniPRO combines the unique fun of “hoverboards” with the safety and stability of Segways. Bringing you a product that’s not only safe and fun to ride but is also a serious transportation tool.

Learning How to Ride

The best part about the MiniPRO is how easy and safe it is to learn how to ride. Built on the principles of the Segway, the Segway MiniPRO is easy to learn and operate. When you unbox the MiniPRO and go for your first ride you’ll download the Ninedroid app. Following the on screen instructions you’ll learn just how easy it is to ride. Lean forward to go, lean back to slow and use your knees to steer left and right. A limited top speed for the first kilometer of riding helps to ensure a new riders safety. Once the machine has been “unlocked” you can ride it to its full capacity. You can even restart the learning mode, without the 1km lockout, if you have friends or family that want to try it.

Ninedroid App

Not only does the Ninedroid app teach you how to ride your MiniPRO it also allows you to do a lot of cool things! From the main screen of the app you’ll see how fast you’re going, how far you’ve gone and how much farther you can go. You can also personalize the rear lights right in the app. There are a few presets you can choose from or do something completely original. And our favorite part, remote control! That’s right! You can drive around your Ninebot right from your phone. How cool is that?

Every aspect of the Segway MiniPRO has got you covered. From keeping you safe, to making sure you have a great time doing it!

Why Buy from Ride the Glide?

We are a family run business based in Victoria, BC Canada and we believe in providing exceptional customer service. We have been in business since 2011 and have been dealing with Segways ever since. We know the answers to your questions and are only a phone call or email away for whatever you need, no matter what it is. We carry the warranty on all of our products and service them in house so you never have to worry if something happens, we have you covered.

Thinking of buying elsewhere to save money? We understand money can be tight and you need to save where you can but we encourage you to consider:

  • Who are you really buying from?
  • What if you can’t figure out how to ride your machine, what then?
  • Will you even be able to get a hold of the seller?
  • Who carries the warranty?
  • Does it even have a warranty and what is it?



If you don’t have the best balance due to a mobility issue we suggest either a Segway or the more affordable Ninebot Elite. And if you’re just the opposite and have great balance and are looking for more of a challenge check out the Ninebot One electric unicycle.

**As with all of our products we strongly recommend the use of appropriate safety gear. For your own safety please wear a helmet while riding. We also suggest wearing other gear such as wrist guards, and knee pads.**

Additional information


White, Black


18 km/h


30 km

Maachine Weight

12.8 kg/28 lbs

Weight Limit

220 lbs/100 kg

Machine Dimensions (cm)

26 x 54 x 50


10.5 inch inflatable


Headlights, Break lights, Turn signals, Customizable riding lights

Remote Control

Bluetooth via Ninebot App

1 review for Segway MiniPro

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I recently bought a Ninebot MiniPro from Ride the Glide and I can’t say enough good things about this company and the product. I researched many stand-up scooters prior to purchasing this one. The quality of the MiniPro is excellent. The ease of use is incredible. Mike and Alicia provided excellent instruction and made sure I was confident using it. I was shocked at how little body movement and balance is truly required to operate the Mini Pro. I only wish I had bought it sooner! Due to a disability I have been unable to walk for the last couple of years but now with the Mini Pro I can get out and about! I truly have a new lease on life!

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