Ninebot One Z10


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Orders are on hold indefinitely due to Ninebot & Segway shutting down sales in the North American market. We are very disappointed to have to make this announcement. Right now it is unknown when or if it will be available.

First time available in Canada! The new Ninebot One Z10 the eagerly awaited successor to the EUC throne.

$2,350 CAD


Out of stock


Ninebot One Z10 Electric Unicycle

The highly anticipated Ninebot One Z10 is now available in Canada! This is your chance to own Ninebot’s latest and greatest electric unicycle.

Electric unicycles are the ultimate recreational toy, and with the ultimate electric unicycle you have the perfect recipe for having a crazy amount of fun. Get out and explore your local trails and neighbourhoods or practice your trick riding skills. The Ninebot One Z10 is ready for anything you have in mind.

And while it’s always fun and games the Ninebot One Z10 is also ready for some more serious work. Electric unicycles are fun and effective commuting tools to get you to and from work. They are fast, fun and super cool. A great way to start reducing reliance on fossil fuel powered vehicles and increase time outside in the fresh air.

The Ninebot One Z10 is suggested for more experienced electric unicycle riders due to the price, weight and different tire type. If you’re looking to get an electric unicycle for the first time that is awesome! But we suggest learning to ride on a lighter and cheaper unicycle before making the jump to the Ninebot One Z10.



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$2,610 CAD
  • $1,999 USD
  • Based in US

Ride the Glide

  • $2,232.50 after Green Rebate
  • Based in Canada


  • 1,740 euro
  • Based in Belgium


Ninebot One Z10 Unboxing Video




Additional information





Max Speed

45 km/h


Approx. 50-70 km depending on conditions


18"x4" wide tapered tire with smooth tread


Front headlight, tail/brake light, ambient lighting

Trolley Handle

Included, assembly required

Rear Fender

Included, assembly required

Lift Sensor

Built into the handle to cut power to the wheel when being lifted

Bluetooth Speaker


Pedal Width



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