Ninebot One E+


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Join the green self balancing (and did we mention totally cool?) revolution!

  • Up to 22 km/h
  • 30 km range
  • Charge in 4 hours
  • 14.2kg
  • 120kg weight limit

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Ninebot One E+

Are you looking for a cool way to reduce your carbon footprint? The Ninebot One E+ is an excellent choice to do just that. Make your short commutes in style on this sleek electric self balancing unicycle.

The Ninebot One E+ is an excellent alternative to a car for getting around. It travels up to 22 km/h for up to 35 km. Perfect for short in town commutes. If you have to go farther it is easy to step off and carry onto public transit. Hop back on, zip off to your destination and beat the traffic.

Ninedroid App

A great accompaniment to the One is the Ninedroid App. The main screen is your dashboard and tells you the most important information. How fast you are going, your trip odometer and your distance till “empty”. You can also find out how many total kilometers you’ve ridden on your Ninebot. From the app you can also change many settings, from ride sensitivity settings to the lighting.

Learning How to Ride

Sadly because it is a unicycle the Ninebot One is not for everyone and does have a steep learning curve. But if you have good balance, a flair for the extreme and a good dash of determination you can figure it out. As long as you keep getting back on and building on the last time it’s possible for anyone to learn to ride the One.

To give you a helping “hand” you can buy training wheels to get your balance figured out. For everyone learning to ride we always recommend having a friend help you. If you’re local to us we are more then happy to teach you how to ride your new wheel. Even if you aren’t we are always available by phone and email to help you in any way we can. Having someone to hold onto, or something like a rail, can be a huge help when you first get started.

Before you check out make sure you have a look at all of the accessories you can get to really personalize your Ninebot.

Why Buy from Ride the Glide?

We are a family run business based in Victoria, BC Canada and we believe in providing exceptional customer service. We have been in business since 2011 and have been dealing with Segways ever since. We know the answers to your questions and are only a phone call or email away for whatever you need, no matter what it is. We carry the warranty on all of our products and service them in house so you never have to worry if something happens, we have you covered.

Thinking of buying elsewhere to save money? We understand money can be tight and you need to save where you can but we encourage you to consider:

  • Who are you really buying from?
  • What if you can’t figure out how to ride your machine, what then?
  • Will you even be able to get a hold of the seller?
  • Who carries the warranty?
  • Does it even have a warranty and what is it?



If you don’t think the Ninebot One is for you we get that! It’s not for everyone. We suggest you check out the Ninebot MiniPRO, Ninebot Elite or the Segways if you still need an emission free way to get around.

Convinced that a Ninebot One is for you but looking for a cheaper alternative? The Ninebot One C+ is here for you.

Are you an avid unicycler and looking for a new wheel to take you faster and farther then ever before? You my friend need a Gotway! We have two models, the MCM4 (14 inch) and the ACM16 (16 inch) both come with the biggest batteries.

**As with all of our products we strongly recommend the use of appropriate safety gear. For your own safety please wear a helmet while riding. We also suggest wearing other gear such as wrist guards, and knee pads.**

Additional information

Weight 18.2 kg
Dimensions 56 × 26 × 54 cm




Charge Time

4 hours

Machine Weight

14.2 kg

Weight Limit

120 kg

Tire Size

41cm/16 inches

Machine Dimensions (cm)

48 x 45 x 18

Bluetooth App



charge indicator lights, programmable riding lights


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