Ninebot One Training Wheels


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Training Wheels for the Ninebot One, compatible with all models.

3 in stock


Ninebot One Training Wheels

First time Ninebot One owner? Or maybe you have lots of friends and family that want to give it a go? Training wheels for your Ninebot could be a great choice.

The training wheels help you get on for the first few times, travel in a straight line with more stability and build confidence. While they are a great learning tool they are designed for learning on a straight line and can impede turning.

Whether you decide to use training wheels for training or not we always recommend having a buddy help you get on and learn to ride. Take your time and don’t rush as this can lead to accidents, also try to avoid becoming over confident as this can cause you to forget about the inherit dangers. And always, no matter how good at riding you are, wear a helmet!

Don’t forget to check out the Ninebot One accessories we have in stock. As well as all the replacement parts you could ever need.

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1 review for Ninebot One Training Wheels

  1. Todd Grand

    Although all the videos Would indicate that the training wheels are not useful or too limiting, I find the training wheels quite useable.
    I have been able to do tight turns (1ft radius) with the training wheels.
    I am finding that the training wheels are giving me a good feel for how the unit operates.
    Understanding fully that my riding experience will require major adjustment once training wheel free.

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