Ninebot One Tire


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Replacement tire for Ninebot One. Compatible with all models.

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Out of stock


Ninebot One Tire

The only downside to riding your Ninebot all over the place is wearing out the tire. And if you’re an avid Ninebot rider you’ll find this out somewhere down the road. But no worries! We have just what you need to get you back out and riding again. A new Ninebot One tire to replace your old worn out one will get you back out and riding in no time.

One reason you can have fast wearing tread is if your Ninebot’s tire is under inflated. We recommend maintaining a tire pressure of 45-50 psi for optimal tire longevity.

If you’ve got a flat tire make sure to check out theĀ inner tube.

Don’t forget to check out the Ninebot One accessories we have in stock. As well as all the replacement parts you could ever need.


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