Ninebot One Protective Cover


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Keep your Ninebot One looking new with a protective/dust cover.


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Ninebot One Protective Dust Cover

You’re the kind of person who takes care of your stuff. Especially your most prized possessions. You’re almost to the point of obsession, you stress over every little scratch or scuff. We totally get that! The Ninebot One protective dust cover will help to keep your Ninebot looking brand new.

The Ninebot One protective cover is a stylish silver and shows of your pride in your ride. Unfortunately it can’t protect your machine from a fall (make sure you use the included stick on padding if you’re an inexperienced rider), but it will help to protect it when you aren’t riding.  It helps protect from scratches and scuffs and well as dust and dirt. And to top it off it’s even easy to use.

If your beloved Ninebot has had acquaintance with the ground in an uncivilized manner you may find yourself in need of some replacement shells and possibly light ring covers.


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