Ninebot One Control Board


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Due to the nature of the Ninebot One control board and the fact that it must be programmed to the machine before it can be used we will not ship the Ninebot One control board. Please contact us if you believe your Ninebot One is in need of a new control board, we want to help get you out and riding again as soon as possible!
Email Us or phone Mike at 250-480-9483

Out of stock


Ninebot One Control Board

The control board is the “mind of the machine” and if it’s not working that means your not riding. We want to get you back on a riding as soon as possible!

Because of the nature of the control board we will not be shipping them to customers to install. If you suspect that your Ninebot needs a new control board please contact us. If it is determined that your Ninebot does need a new control board you will then ship us your Ninebot One. We will test the Ninebot once we receive it, replace the control board, program the control board and test it again to make sure it is working before shipping it back to you. You must cover all shipping costs.

Note on Warranty.

If you bought you Ninebot One from us and it is within the 1 year warranty period you will be covered unless it is discovered to be caused from actions not covered under warranty. If you have bought your Ninebot One from a dealer who does not offer or hold a warranty we will try our best to get you what warranty we can. This is why we stress buying from a reputable seller.

Keeping your control board happy.

While the control boards are well made there are things you can avoid doing with your Ninebot One so as to not over stress the control board, increasing the longevity of your control board. If you take care of it, it will take care of you.


  • Starting or stopping quickly
  • Attempting to ride your One over the maximum speed
  • Climbing or descending hills to quickly
  • Doing tricks
  • Overcharging your Ninebot

Not only will following this list help keep you safe it will also ensure that you and your Ninebot have many kilometers ahead of you.

Don’t forget to check out the Ninebot One accessories we have in stock. As well as all the replacement parts you could ever need.


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