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Turn your hoverboard into a real life MarioKart with this easy hoverboard seat attachment

**Hoverboard not included**


GlideKart – Hoverboard Go-Kart Seat Attachment

You love your hoverboard and at the beginning it was a lot of fun. You could go for hours till the battery went dead, day after day and it didn’t get old. But now after a few months you don’t really ride it anymore, not like you used to. You’ve not fallen out of love with it, the spark is still there. Rekindle that spark with the GlideKart.

We are excited to be offering the GlideKart. A cool seat attachment that will turn your hoverboard into a real life MarioKart. Or a go-kart depending on how you want to look at it. Either way you’ll be having a new kind of fun with your hoverboard and you’ll love it more then ever!

Riding your new GlideKart

Learning to ride your GlideKart is a breeze. When going for you first ride choose a large smooth level area devoid of obstacles. When younger children (ages 6 – 12) are learning to ride for the first time watch them closely. It is important to make sure everyone always starts off slow. It is easy to start going to fast and panic. Always start slow and build up to faster speeds when you are confident.

The GlideKart operates your hoverboard the same way you do with your feet. To go forward lightly press down on the control bars. To slow down and stop lightly pull back on the control bars. The GlideKart is designed to bring your board back to neutral when the control bars are not in use. But depending on the surface you are riding on and the calibration of your board it may have some forward in put. Often more on one side then the other.

At the beginning turning will be the trickiest part. To turn left press down more on the right control bar. If going full speed pull back on the left control bar. To turn right do the opposite for turning left.

Kid Safe

Standing and riding on a hoverboard can be dangerous. It is all to easy to lean to much on one side, loose your balance and go spinning out of control. This almost always ends in a hard fall. Which is of course something we don’t want for our kids. Seated on a GlideKart your center of gravity is much lower, reducing the ability to tip over or fall off. Releasing the control bars will return them to a neutral position. This makes it much easier for them to get themselves out of trouble should they panic and forget what to do.

Some Assembly Required

Unfortunately the best way to ship you your new GlideKart means you’ll need to assemble it. But don’t worry! It may look complicated, but it’s not. Just follow the assembly instructions with the provided screws and tools. It only takes a few minutes. Then strap it on your hoverboard an your ready to go!




**As with all of our products we strongly recommend the use of appropriate safety gear. For your own safety please wear a helmet while riding. We also suggest wearing other gear such as elbow pads and gloves.**

Additional information

Weight 6.4 kg
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 25 cm
Kart Weight

12 lbs



Seat dimentions

width 11.74" depth 11" backrest 9.5"

Length of Handles


Leg Bar

13 – 23"

Overall Length

26 – 36"

Adjustable Attachment Assembly

8 – 9.75"


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