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If you love the look and specs of the 10X but are a little concerned about how big and heavy it is the Zero 8X is the electric scooter for you! The Zero 8X offers the same basic design as the 10X with dual 800W motors and extreme dual suspension on a slightly smaller scale. Making it ideal for riders looking for a thrill, but also needing to stay space conscious.

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3 in stock


Zero 8X Electric Scooter

If you like riding fast and comfortable you’ll love the Zero 8X electric scooter! With the dual 800W motors on the 8″x3.5″ wheels it’s a land rocket, capable of up to 55 km/h. And because of the dual spring hydraulic hybrid suspension it’s as comfy as riding a fluffy cloud. You can easily switch between dual and single motors as well as eco or turbo mode, in addition to the 3 gears available on the LCD display, with the easy click of a button on the handlebar. Which gives unparalleled customization and control over your ride.

The Zero 8X is everything the 10X is in a nice neat package. It is a whole tire length shorter in length then the 10X and also comes stock with a folding handlebar. Which means when play time is over the 8X isn’t busy getting in your way. It also makes it way easier to load up to take with you for some fun weekend trail riding, or even on your next camping trip. And the folding handlebar of the 8X is also unlike many folding handlebars on the market, with absolutely no play they are truly solid and stable when riding.

Do you like to or need to ride at night? Well the Zero 8X is well equipped with with 2 bright front lights and two bright rear lights, that function as brake lights, as well as LED light strips down the length of the deck on both sides. Perfect for keeping you seen from every angle. And speaking of of safety, when you can rocket along at 55 km/h you need to be confident that you can stop. Well there are no worries with the Zero 8X’s dual disc brakes as well as the programmable motor braking.

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Weight 55 lbs 72 lbs 55 lb 84 lb
Max Speed 50 km/h 55 km/h 65 km/h 95 km/h
Max Range * 60 km 55 km 70 km 90 km
Battery 52 V 18 Ah 52 V 18 Ah 52 V 24 Ah LG 72 V 32 Ah LG
Tires 10″ pneumatic 8″x3.5″ solid 10″ pneumatic 11″x3″ pneumatic
Motor(s) 1000 watts Dual 800 watts Dual 1000 watts Dual 1,600 watts
Suspension Front and rear spring Front and rear spring hydraulic Front and rear spring hydraulic Front and rear spring hydraulic
Brakes Front and rear disc Front and rear disc Hydraulic front and rear disc Hydraulic front and rear  disc
Max Load 265 lbs 265 lbs 330 lbs 330 lbs
Lights Front, rear and ambient Front, rear and ambient Front and rear Front and rear

*  Estimated real life range. Actual range will vary depending on load, speed, terrain, riding style and temperature.


Additional information


33 kg / 72 lbs

Max Speed

55 km/h




52v 18ah lithium ion


Dual, front and rear 800 watt

Shock Absorbtion

Front and rear spring hydraulic


Front & rear cable disc brakes


8"x3.5" solid

Weight Limit

120 kg / 265 lbs

LCD Screen

Speed, Battery Indicator, Riding Mode


Front and rear lights and LED deck light strips


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