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Looking to go electric? The Zero 8 electric scooter is a great way to dip your toe in. A great entry level price but specs of a much higher end scooter. Perfect as a starter e-scooter or as a great in-towner. Lighter and more compact then the Zero 9 and 10 the Zero 8 is ideal for apartment and condo life and as a last mile solution.

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Electric scooters are not legal in all Canadian cities, understand the regulations in your city before purchasing.

10 in stock


Zero 8 Electric Scooter

Electric scooters and other rideables are quickly becoming more and more popular. As they offer a fast, fun and eco friendly way to get around a city. As an entry level electric scooter the Zero 8 electric scooter is at the top of it’s class. Cheap enough to be affordable, yet still powerful enough to be a serious mode of transportation.

The 500 watt rear hub motor help you leave other entry level e-scooters in your dust. And with the 48v 10.4ah battery you’ll still be going after everyone else has had to plug in. You’ll be cruising smooth with the front and rear suspension, along with the 8″ front pneumatic tire. Ride fearlessly after the sun’s gone done thanks to the 3 bright front lights and 2 rear brake lights. And much improved braking over the competition with the rear drum brake, compared to weak electric brakes and friction brakes.

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Price $999 $1,195
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Weight 38 lbs 44 lbs 55 lb 84 lb
Max Speed 35 km/h 40 km/h 50 km/h 65 km/h
Max Range * 30 km 40 km 60 km 70 km
Battery 48 v 10.4 ah 48 v 13 ah 52 v 18 ah 52 v 24 ah
Tires 8″ front pneumatic, rear solid 9″ pneumatic 10″ pneumatic 10″ pneumatic
Motor(s) 500 watts 600 watts 1000 watts dual 1,000 watts
Suspension Front and rear spring Front and rear spring Front and rear spring Front and rear spring and hydraulic
Brakes Single rear drum Front disc, rear drum Front and rear disc Front and rear hydraulic disc
Max Load 220 lbs 265 lbs 265 lbs 330 lbs
Lights 3 Front and 2 rear 2 Front and 2 rear and ambient 3 Front and 2 rear and ambient 2 Front and 2 rear

*  Estimated range. Actual range will vary depending on load, speed, terrain, riding style and temperature.


Additional information


38 lbs

Max Speed

40 km/h




48v 10.4ah


Rear drum brake

Shock Absorbtion

Front and rear spring suspension


8" pneumatic front and 8" solid rear

Weight Limit

220 lbs

LCD Screen

Speed, Battery Indicator, Riding Mode


Front and rear lights


500 watt rear


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