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Thinking of an electric scooter as your next transportation? But you need lots of power for hills and longer rides? The Zero 10 electric scooter offers the perfect balance between price and performance. Between the 1000 watt motor and 52v 18ah battery it won’t leave you wanting more.

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Electric scooters are not legal in all Canadian cities, understand the regulations in your city before purchasing.

5 in stock


Zero 10 Electric Scooter

Electric scooters and other rideables are quickly becoming more and more popular. As they offer a fast, fun and eco friendly way to get around a city. If you’re looking to jump on the bandwagon, without breaking the bank, you can’t go wrong with the Zero 10. The Zero 10 electric scooter is loaded with awesome features at a price that the competition can’t beat.

You’ll have loads of power for accelerating, and zipping up hills with the powerful 1000 watt rear motor. There will also be tons of range for in town commuting and weekend fun with the 52v 18 ah lithium ion battery. And because of the dual front and rear suspension as well as the 10″ pneumatic tires it will be smooth sailing where ever you ride. Riding at night? Not a problem thanks to the bright front and rear lights. Perfect for both seeing where you are going and let others know you are there. Plus peace of mind braking, no matter how fast you’re going. Feel confident that the front & rear disc brakes to bring you safely to a stop.

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Compare Models Zero 8 Zero 9 Zero 10 Zero 10X
Price $999
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$1,695 $2,595
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Weight 38 lbs 44 lbs 55 lb 84 lb
Max Speed 35 km/h 40 km/h 50 km/h 65 km/h
Max Range * 30 km 40 km 60 km 70 km
Battery 48 v 10.4 ah 48 v 13 ah 52 v 18 ah 52 v 24 ah
Tires 8″ front pneumatic, rear solid 9″ pneumatic 10″ pneumatic 10″ pneumatic
Motor(s) 500 watts 600 watts 1000 watts dual 1,000 watts
Suspension Front and rear spring Front and rear spring Front and rear spring Front and rear spring and hydraulic
Brakes Single rear drum Front disc, rear drum Front and rear disc Front and rear disc
Max Load 220 lbs 265 lbs 265 lbs 330 lbs
Lights 3 Front and 2 rear 2 Front and 2 rear and ambient 3 Front and 2 rear and ambient 2 Front and 2 rear

*  Estimated range under ideal conditions. Actual range will vary depending on load, speed, terrain, riding style and temperature.


Additional information


53 lbs

Max Speed

50 km/h




52v 18ah


Rear 1000 watt

Shock Absorbtion

Front spring & rear hydraulic


Front & rear disc brakes


10" pneumatic

Weight Limit

265 lbs

LCD Screen

Speed, Battery Indicator, Riding Mode


Front and rear lights


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