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Doubling down on an electric scooter for yourself? Treat yourself to the Cadillac of electric scooters, the WideWheel electric scooter. Without a doubt the sexiest electric scooter available on the market today. Between the dual 500 watt motors, 48v 13.2ah battery and comfy suspension you’ll be cruising in style and comfort. Now standard with the upgraded key ignition with voltage readout.

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Electric scooters are not legal in all Canadian cities, understand the regulations in your city before purchasing.


3 in stock


WideWheel Electric Scooter

Electric scooters and other rideables are quickly becoming more and more popular. As they offer a fast, fun and eco friendly way to get around a city. If you’re looking to jump on the bandwagon with the sexiest electric scooter out there, the WideWheel is the one for you. The WideWheel electric scooter is loaded with features that make it a true Cadillac of electric scooters. It has superior stability with the 4″ wide tires and elegant design that is unmatched. So, not only will you be cruising in serious style, you’ll also be insanely comfy.

You’ll have plenty of power for accelerating, and zipping up hills with the powerful dual 500 watt motors. And there will also be ample range for in town commuting and weekend fun with the 48v 13.2 ah lithium ion battery. The dual front and rear suspension coupled with the 8″ by 4″ tires offer the smoothest and most stable ride of any electric scooter on the market. Riding at night? Not a problem thanks to the bright front and rear lights. Perfect for both seeing where you are going and let others know you are there. Plus peace of mind braking, no matter how fast you’re going. Feel confident that the front & rear disc brakes to bring you safely to a stop.

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Weight 45 lbs 53 lb 77 lb
Max Speed 45 km/h 50 km/h 65 km/h
Max Range * 40 km 60 km 70 km
Battery 48 v 13.2 ah 52 v 21 ah 52 v 24 ah
Tires 8″x4″ solid 10″ pneumatic 10″ pneumatic
Motor(s) Dual 500 watts 1000 watts Dual 1000 watts
Suspension Front and rear spring Front spring, rear hydraulic Front and rear spring and hydraulic
Brakes Rear disc Front and rear disc Front and rear disc
Max Load 250 lbs 265 lbs 330 lbs
Lights Front and rear Front and rear Front and rear

*  Estimated range. Actual range will vary depending on load, speed, terrain, riding style and temperature.


Additional information


45 lbs / 20.4 kg

Max Speed

45 km/h




48v 13.2ah


Dual, front and rear 500 watt

Shock Absorbtion

Front and rear spring suspension


Rear 120 mm disc brakes


4" wide, 8" diameter solid

Weight Limit

250 lbs


LED Battery Indicator


Front and rear lights

2 reviews for WideWheel

  1. Ben S (verified owner)

    We purchased a Wide Wheel (WW) from Ride the Glide (RTG) about a month ago, and have been very happy with both the scooter and the service provided by RTG.

    I spent a good amount of time researching scooters when looking for one for my wife. I felt that the WW would be the best fit because of the combination of suspension, solid tires, excellent platform (accommodates a variety of riding stances), dual motors and riding range. It hasn’t disappointed. The power is plentiful, and with the 2019 throttle upgrade installed, the WW’s low speed maneuverability is very much improved (less abrupt on/off transition). Given our purposes, the WW is easily the best fit of the higher-end electric scooters. Compared to others in its class the WW is not the top of the class for speed, range or suspension travel but it has, in my opinion, the best overall combination of all of the above — I’ll take a scooter that scores 8/10 in all/most categories vs one that is a class-leading 10/10 in one category but 5-6/10 in all of the others. Mercane did a great job of finding the (upper-)middle ground, and building a scooter that fit in that space at a good price point relative to the competition.

    The service from Ride the Glide was outstanding. Upon purchase we were informed that there was an upgrade en route to them — a new throttle that includes a voltage meter/display and that is also easier to modulate, particularly when riding at lower speeds. We were told that the throttle itself would be free for us and we were given a choice between (a) waiting for the throttle to arrive and be installed prior to shipping the scooter to us and (b) taking delivery of the WW and then paying just the shipping cost to have the throttle sent to us when it arrived. We opted for the second option. The amount of initial ‘assembly required’ when we received the WW was absolutely minimal and took about 5 minutes — extend and secure the neck and handlebars, attach the bell, plug in one cable and you’re done. When we received the upgraded throttle RTG shared with us a video demonstrating the installation process which, for me, took about 20 minutes.

    My wife’s only complaint about the WW is the lack of an intuitive interface for displaying and changing the ride mode settings. The user manual explains the process for changing the ride mode, but since the interface is literally just a series of 4 LED dots, you have to cross-reference the manual to determine what the various combinations of on/off and flashing lights mean. A small LED interface with words or icons and more than one button would have gone a long way as far as user-friendliness is concerned. That said, once we got the scooter set up to my wife’s preference, we didn’t need to change the settings again.

    Overall, we are very pleased with the WW and with RTG. The purchasing experience was outstanding, they have been easy to communicate with via email, and the WW has thus far been the right fit. As a whole, WW and RTG receive 5/5 stars from us.

    • Alicia Besler

      Wow Ben! Amazing thorough review! Thank you very much for taking the time to write this, I know other customers will definitely appreciate your insight. Very glad you’re wife is enjoying her scooter!

  2. Marco B. (verified owner)

    So much fun. A good idea is to find a big smooth parking lot and get turning and acceleration down before trying it on bumpy streets. A little rougher of a ride than I expected. The ride feels a little smoother than a skateboard. I’m spoiled with a fat tire bike so I’m picky about ride quality. That out of the way, this thing is a total blast. The box was perfect, no rips or dents,assembly took 17.8 seconds. Acceleration will throw you right off it if you’re not hanging on. Feet on the deck like a skateboard you can lean into turns, you can bend your knees for sharper turns. Some grip tape on the back fender will be added as that’s where my left foot felt most comfortable especially during acceleration. As for the service. Ride the glide was excellent. Communication was just about instant, and they were happy to answer my stupid questions. You could easily find the Mercane for 100 bucks cheaper at other sites(craigslist), but it’s well worth paying a little extra for piece of mind.

    • Alicia Besler

      Thanks for leaving a review Marco and excellent advice to future owners!

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