Airwheel R5


No longer available.

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Airwheel R5 Folding Electric Bike

The Airwheel R5 is the lightest electric bike and folds up the most compact. Perfect if you are tight on space, in an apartment, RV or even a boat. It also makes it a lot easier to move it around, no need to get a gym membership first!

Find joy in cycling whether it be for commuting or weekend fun. Enjoy the city without the hassle of traffic and having to find a parking spot. Load up in the boat, RV or car and get out and explore wherever you end up. The Airwheel R5’s 250 watt motor is plenty of assistance for getting around on the flat, and just enough for an extra boost going up hill.

Finally own your own electric bike for under a thousand dollars. Most comparable electric bikes in the Victoria area sell for $2,000 all the way up to $3,500. There are better ways you can spend your money then to over pay on an electric bike.

Travel anywhere from 25 km up to 60 km and beyond on a single charge depending on conditions. 25-35 km on battery power alone depending on speed and terrain. 40-60+km with pedal assist, the more of your own power you put in the farther you will go on a charge.

  • Comfortable upright riding position

  • Handlebar and seat easily adjust to fit many different people

  • Weighs only 40 lbs

  • Folds down in seconds

  • Pedal assist and twist throttle

  • Connects to the Airwheel App for Android and Apple

  • Integrated front and rear/brake lights

  • Powerful 250 watt motor

  • 36 volt 8 ah battery




Looking for something with the power to head off road? Check out our folding fat bike, the 500 XT. Or the 350 CT with a bit more power without much more weight.


Additional information


18.5 kg / 40 lbs


Li-ion 36V 8Ah


250W Electric Hub Motor


Alluminum Alloy


Aluminum Alloy


Folding Pedals


16 inch spoke-less




LCD display showing current speed, battery level indicator, motor output indicator,pedal assist mode, walk assist and front LED light on/off

Electric Assist

pedal assist plus electric-only mode (via throttle)

Range - Electric Only

Approx. 25-35 km

Range - Pedal Assist

Approx. 30-60+ km


mechanical disc brakes


Front LED light