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    Orders are on hold indefinitely due to Ninebot & Segway shutting down sales in the North American market. We are very disappointed to have to make this announcement. Right now it is unknown when or if it will be available. First time available in Canada! The new Ninebot One Z10 the eagerly awaited successor to the EUC throne.

    $2,350 CAD

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    Ninebot ES2 Electric Kickscooter Ninebot ES2 and ES4 Electric Kickscooter
    Orders have been indefinitely suspended. But don't fear! We have some even more amazing electric scooters coming soon, so stay tuned!  Exactly what you need to get around town, for commuting, running errands and so much more! Quickly folds down to easily pack into a vehicle or take on transit. Plus it's so easy anyone can do it. Treat yourself to the best commute you've ever had with the Ninebot by Segway ES2 and ES4 Electric KickScooter.   
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    white Ninebot Elite electric scooter handlebar white Ninebot Elite electric personal mobility scooter

    Ninebot Elite

    Are you looking to get outside and regain you're mobility? Get your life back with the Ninebot Elite!
    • Up to 16 km/h
    • 25 km range
    • Charge in 4 hours
    • 23.5kg
    • 100 kg weight limit
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