Ninebot App

The Ninedroid app is remote control software for the Ninebot self-balancing vehicles. Users wirelessly connect their phones with their Ninebot MiniPRO, Elite, or One, via Bluetooth.

The Dashboard pages can show the current speed,  also the functions of shutting on/off the motors and locking/unlocking the Ninebot device.

The user can check all detailed information on the Details and Info page including mileage, running time, temperature and more. With the MiniPRO on the Bluetooth page the user can remotely control the machine with their phone.

On the settings page the user can change many options including the speed limit, lighting, and sound.

Note: Due to the fact that Ninebot is equipped with a new generation of Blue tooth 4.0, Android users’ phones must support Blue tooth 4.0and carry an android system of version 4.3 or above.

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