The Monster is Gotway’s newest electric unicycle, and it is definitely named correctly. With a huge 22″ wheel and 1600 or 2400 watt batteries this unicycle is both huge and heavy. It easily dwarfs any unicycle put next to it. In comparison to the Gotway MSuper V3 18″ and the Ninebot One 16″ the Monster really isjust that.

If you’re in the market for an electric unicycle the Gotway Monster is an excellent choice. It will take you off road like no other, whether it’s your first unicycle or your tenth. Deigned to get you off the pavement, the 22″ tire will take you into an adventure. It will make the little bumps feel like nothing and make big ones manageable. With either a 1600 or 2400 watt battery you’ll have more then enough power to tackle any terrain the trails throw at you. And still get in a good couple hours of riding. That’s not something the other guy can say!

This isn’t the perfect unicycle for everyone. Bigger isn’t always better, but if you think that this great unicycle is the one for you click the button below.