That “For Lease” sign is about to come down!

After 7 years in business and working from our home all these years the scenery is about to change dramatically!! As of April 1st we will be moving into our very first storefront! This has been in the works for the past 3 months and it feels really awesome to be able to make this announcement.

No this isn’t some crazy April Fool’s day prank! (If it were it would be a very elaborate, long term and expensive one.)

We couldn’t be happier with the location, right on Wharf Street between Bastion Square and the Johnson Street bridge. And in the building adjacent to the Victoria Regent hotel, sandwiched in between Shima Sushi and Catawumpus Fudge and Funk, plus just steps away from loads of great restaurants and of course some of the best downtown waterfront views in Victoria!

The address is….. 307-1208 Wharf Street!

We hope that you are as excited as we are about this huge step forward in our business and will find some time to make your way over to say hello. We won’t be open in full function for the first week or two as we get everything set up to our liking but the doors will still be open to anyone who wants to drop on in.

Grand Opening Day hopefully to be announced soon!

307-1208 Wharf Street Map