Green Rebate

Exclusive to Ride the Glide

We’ve heard governments, especially in Victoria and BC with our traffic issues, telling people to ditch the gas powered car and “go green” for years. Which is great and we’d love to see more and more people do just that. But! In the eyes of the government “going green” only encompasses: walking, regular biking, taking the bus or an electric car. Which in terms of the plethora of new and upcoming technology we have at our disposal is an extremely limited scope. This mostly comes from the very archaic laws right across Canada not recognizing these new forms of transportation, but that’s a whole other story.

You also may or may not know that PST (7%) is not charged on regular bike sales, but is charged on e-bikes . Say what?? So we decided to create our own electric bike rebate. Say hello to the Green Rebate! A 5% instant discount on all or our electric bikes, and, because how could we not, on all of our other electric transportation devices (with a couple exceptions).

We want to introduce as many people as possible to new ways they can reduce their carbon foot print and have fun doing it. And we don’t believe that cost should be a barrier to that.

So when you head to the online checkout make sure you use the promo code codegreen to get your 5% electric bike rebate deducted. When purchasing in store the green rebate is automatically deducted from your purchase, you don’t even need to ask!

Please note that the Green Rebate isn’t applicable to discounted, or used products, or products with free shipping.

Get a 5% rebate on all electric mobility devices using promo code: codegreen. Electric bike rebate

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