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Bike Accessories

We have a wide array of bike accessories for you to stock up on with the purchase of your new e-bike. Everything from top of the line Bluetooth helmets and all types of locks to lights and chain cleaners. If you need it, or want it for your cycling enjoyment we have it, and if we don’t we can order it! Just ask. Are we missing something you’d really like to see? Let us know!


Sena R1 bluetooth smart bicycle helmet, bike accessories

Sena R1


If you like listening to music, being able to make and take calls and easily talking to your riding buddies you need the Sena R1 Smart Helmet. The R1 is a fully Bluetooth integrated bicycle helmet with HD audio speakers and microphone and allows  you to talk with up to 3 friends. The three-button system is user friendly. The Advanced Noise Control technology gives you unparalleled sound without wind noise and static when using as a phone or intercom. No more need to yell, because it sounds even better then someone riding right beside you.

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Panniers & Bags

Evo Day Tripper Handlebar Bicycle Bag, bike accessories

Evo Day Tripper Handlebar Bag


When you’re riding are there certain things that you like to keep in view and in range? Your phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses, map? If you have a need of keeping small items like these in easy reach the Evo Day Tripper Handlebar Bag is perfect for you! With a sturdy handlebar mounting bracket that the bag easy locks onto, making it easy to take off and take with you with the included shoulder strap. One large main pocket, and a slightly smaller secondary pocket, and a see through map pocket on top, which is also useful for your smart phone! The reflective strip on the front and sides also gives an added layer of visibility at night.

In Stock – Limited Quantities

Basil Urban Dry Double Bag 50L capacity, bike accessories

Basil Urban Dry – Double


The Basil Urban Dry is a stylish double pannier bag that will keep all your things dry! Made completely of tarpaulin and with welded seams it is 100% waterproof and is sure to keep everything inside nice and dry, regardless of what the weather is doing outside. The 50 L capacity means you can take everything you want with you, no compromises! The strap mounting system is quick and easy to use and the aluminum buckle adds extra durability.

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Banjo Saddlebag Pannier, bike accessories

Banjo Saddlebag Pannier


The Banjo Saddlebag Panniers are a one piece double sided pannier bag. Quick and convenient, making it ideal for commuters. Comes with handles and a shoulder strap so you can easily take it with you. Small exterior pouches on both sides for small items and quick access. Single buckle closure to get the main compartments open without hassle, and adjustable depending on how much you are packing with you. Ripstop, water resistant material means it will keep your stuff dry and protected and last a long time. Plus reflective piping for extra visibility. * Rack not included. (14L”x4”Wx14.5”H each side)

Out of Stock – Available to Order

Evo E-Cargo Tour Trunk rack top bag, bike accessories

Evo E-Cargo Tour Trunk


The Evo Trunk is a handy bag that fits conveniently on top of most rear racks with simple Velcro straps. Side pockets to fit small items like phones, keys and cards. A bungee net on top to carry larger items, and a mesh pocket under the lid as well to keep small items handy. And the large, 6.5 L, interior area is ideal for whatever else you need to bring with you. The reflective pipping increases visibility and it offers a strap at the rear for mounting a rear light. 12.0″ x 6.0″ x 6.0″ (396 c.i.) / 30.5 x 15.2 x 15.2 cm (6.49 L)

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Evo E-Cargo Side Shopper pannier bag, bike accessories

Evo E-Cargo Side Shopper


The Evo E-Cargo Side Shopper is a large side pannier specifically designed for taking shopping. It has a zipper closure at the top for easy access, and two long carry handles that double as a shoulder strap. Thanks to the water resistant 600D polyester shell you can shop in the rain without worries. And the reflective piping also means extra visibility when riding in the dark. 11.3″ x 6.0″ x 15.0″ (911 c.i.) / 28.7 x 15.2 x 38.1 cm (14.93 L)

In Stock – Limited Quantities

Evo E-Cargo Dual Bento


This little top tube frame pouch is perfect for keeping small items and valuables within reach. The Evo E-Cargo Dual Bento is just the right size to strap onto the top tube of your frame with the Velcro straps. Small enough to be unobtrusive but large enough to fit smaller smart phones, keys, cash, lip balm and whatever else you might wish to keep handy. Water resistant material, reflective piping and easy access zippers make it an excellent choice. 6.0″ x 2.0″ x 3.5″ (pair) (100 c.i.) / 15.2 x 5.1 x 8.9 cm (pair) (1.64 L)

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OnGuard Revolver Cable Combination Bike Lock, bike accessories

OnGuard Revolver Cable Combination Lock


A light durable cable lock perfect as part of a lock set up or for quick stops. Made of a new steel formulated to be as strong as titanium. Easy to use adjustable 4 digit combination lock, no key to loose and no combination to forget because you can choose you’re own! 12mm thick by 120 cm long (4′)

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Evo E-Force HD Combo U-Lock, bike accessories

Evo E-Force HD Combo U-Lock


How you lock up your e-bike and what you lock it up with will make a huge difference between your bike being stolen or not. The Evo E-Force HD Combo U-Lock is a great choice as park of a locking set up for overnight or on its own for shorter time frames. The E-Force is made of heavy duty steel and protected by a 4 digit re-settable combination lock. 4.5″ wide by 9″ long

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Abus Tresor 1385 chain combination lock, bike accessories

Abus Tresor 1385 Chain Combination Lock


Abus is one of the top names in locks and bike security. The Abus Tresor 1385 chain combination lock will be a great addition to any locking set up. With special protection against picking and 7mm thick square hardened steel links, you can feel secure in how secure your bike is. It also sports a re-settable combination, so you don’t have to remember a factory code. 3.6′ long (110cm)

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Evo Nightbrite 110 lumen handlebar headlight, bike accessories

Evo NightBright 110 Lumen Headlight


Complement your integrated headlight with the Evo NightBright Handlebar Headlight. Easy to use universal rubber band mounting system to fit any handlebar. Three modes, bright, dim and flashing. Micro USB charger included. And a waterproof design to stand up against our Wet Coast weather.

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Mirrycle Handlebar end cycling mirror, bike accessories

Mirrycle Handlebar End Mirror


A mirror is a must for any cyclist and the Mirrycle Handlebar End Mirror conveniently gets the job done. Easily mounted and pressure fitted into the end of any handlebar. Easily positioned for great visibility when riding and positioned out of the way for storage. Slightly convex mirror profile offers an undistorted view of your surroundings.

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Reflective yellow leg strap

Reflective Yellow Leg Strap


When ridding at dusk or at night, whether on the road or the trail it is very important to be seen. These reflective leg straps help you do that. Velcro for easy on and off. Helpful for also holding pant legs out of the way when riding. Can also be used on wrists to make hand signals more visible. Be safe, be seen!

In Stock


Selle Royal Journey Cruiser Saddle, bike accessories

Selle Royal Journey Cruiser Saddle


For the leisure and commuting cyclist few things are as important as a comfortable saddle. The Selle Royal Journey Cruiser Saddle is wide and made of proprietary “Royalgel” to offer optimum comfort. It’s also water-resistant for those Wet Coast days. 275mm x 252mm, Unisex, 970g

Out of Stock – Available to Order

Evo Cruiser comfort saddle, bike accessories

Evo Cruiser Saddle


For the leisure and commuting cyclist few things are as important as a comfortable saddle. The Evo Cruiser Saddle is nice and wide and made of Supreme AirFoam foam padding to keep you comfortable even on longer rides. It’s also water-resistant for those Wet Coast days. 260 x 218mm, Unisex

Out of Stock – Available to Order


Evo Adventure Pedals, bike accessories

Evo Adventure Pedals


Pedals are the moving interface between you and your bike. Having something that suites your riding style is important. The Evo Adventures are sturdy and offer a nice amount of grip and are also compatible with toe clips. Excellent for everyday riding in inclement weather to prevent slipping and weekend muddy adventures.

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Velo Handlz Dura Cork locking handlebar grips, bike accessories

Velo Handlz Dura Cork Grips


You grips are an important interface between you and your bike. The Velo Handlz Dura Cork locking handlebar grips will improve your riding experience. The locking feature means you don’t have to worry about your grips slipping on spinning around while you’re riding. The ergonomic shape means a super comfortable fit and the cork gives you a splash of style. 135mm length

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Shimano Acer 7/8 speed derailleur, bike parts and accessories

Shimano Acera 7/8 Speed Derailleur


A stylish rear derailleur for 7 and 8 speed e-bikes or regular bikes. A nice affordable upgrade from lower end derailleurs.

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Evo center mount dual kickstand, bike accessories

Evo Center Mount Dual Kickstand


Kickstands are must have for anyone who doesn’t want to always be looking for somewhere to lean their bike up against when they have to stop. The Evo Center Mount Dual Kickstand also means that you don’t have to worry about it falling over when on it’s kickstand, as it supports the bike from both sides. Adjustable for bikes 24-29″.

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Bell, bike accessories



Part of being a courteous cyclist is letting other road and trail users when you are coming up behind them. With this simple little bell you can do just that. Compact so it doesn’t take up to much handlebar space. Easy to ring and a lovely loud bing to alert people to you.

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Cleaners & Lube

Park Tool Chain Cleaning Kit, bike accessories

Park Tool Chain Cleaning Kit


The chain is one of the most important parts of your bike and it’s important to keep it clean and properly lubricated! And the Park Tool Chain Cleaning Kit will help you do just that. Use the Cyclone Chain Scrubber and the included Bio ChainBrite to get your chain squeaky clean. And the GearClean Brush to clean up your gears too. The perfect kit for the DIY e-cyclist. Park Tool video on chain cleaning. 

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Park Tool Bike Cleaning Brush Set, bike accessories

Park Tool Bike Cleaning Brush Set


In order for your bike to perform at its best and last a long time it’s important to keep it clean. The Park Tool Bike Cleaning Brush Set will help you do just that. It includes a soft bristle soaping brush, frame cleaning foam/bristle brush, tapered detail brush and Gear Clean Brush. You’ll be able to get your bike squeaky clean in no time and keep it looking new into the coming years.

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Tires & Pumps

Schwable Marathon Plus puncture resistant tires with 5mm of protection, bike accessories

Schwable Marathon Plus Tires

$79.99 per tire

Tired of flat tires? Make them a thing of the past with the Schwable Marathon Plus tires! With 5mm of built in flat protection and anti-aging side walls you’ll be riding easier then ever before! If you’re serious about flat prevention then you can’t go wrong with the very best the market has to offer. See how they stand up!

In Stock – 26″x1.75″ 20″x1.75″

Park Tool hand pump, bike accessories

Park Tool Hand Pump


It’s always good to be prepared, and this handy Park Tool Hand Pump will help you be prepared for inevitable flat tire. It comes with a mount to be able to attach it to your frame so it isn’t taking up room in your pannier. Easy to use so you aren’t struggling on the side of the road.

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Park Tool tire lever set, bike accessories

Park Tool Tire Lever Set


Tire levers are a must have for changing a tire or fixing a flat, you’ll be prepared with the Park Tool Tire Lever Set. Three tire levers that clip together so you’ll never loose them. Convenient and easy to use.

In Stock

Park Tool Patch Kit

Park Tool Patch Kit


If you have air filled tires you’d be foolish not to have a patch kit on hand. The Park Tool Patch Kit is a complete kit, little carrying case, directions, sandpaper, a tube of glue, and 6 patches. Two large round, two small round and two large square.

In Stock


Gobi Heat Stealth heated glove liners

Gobi Heat Stealth Heated Glove Liners


Are you tired of freezing fingers in this cold weather? Put an end to it with the Gobi Heat Stealth heated glove liners! Each finger heated individually all the way to the tip. Three levels of heat and up to 6.5 hours of run time to keep your fingers and hands feeling just right no matter the weather. Comes with a case of the gloves, batteries and charger. Comes with a battery for each glove and a dual charger to charge both batteries at the same time. Increase your riding time by increasing your comfort! More pictures and info.

Arriving December 2018


Gobi Heat Sahara heated jacket

Gobi Heat Sahara Heated Jacket


Increase your winter cycling and overall comfort with a Gobi Heat Sahara heated jacket. With 3 heat zones, one on either side of the chest and one on the back, you’ll be super snug and ready for whatever winter throws at you. It offers 3 heat levels and up to 10 hours of run time to keep you going all day long if necessary. The polyester shell is both wind and water resistant to keep you protected from the elements while the fleece lining keeps you nice and cozy. Keep warm this winter with Gobi Heat! More pictures and info.

Arriving December 2018